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100% of your money goes to support coral reef conservation.

Every cent goes towards planting corals, coral research for "Super Corals" ability to withstand climate change and for advanced materials in the substrates for coral micro-fragmentation methods.

Coral Reefs, coral scientists join reef fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures in thanking you for your efforts to Save Our Oceans!

First Planting site is located in the Marine Protected Area off the island of St. Maarten, in the Caribbean. 

The Nature Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization located on the island of St. Maarten in the heart of the Caribbean. The foundation aims to preserve and enhance the natural environment of St. Maarten for generations to come.

Over twenty species of coral shelter an uncounted number of fish species. Seagrass beds are breeding grounds for lobster and conch, and provide food for the endangered Hawksbill, Green and Leatherback turtle that nest on St. Maarten beaches.

 Tadzio Bervoets

Marine ecologist, environmental economist, commercial diving

Marine Park Ranger

Melanie Meijer Zu Schlochtern, Marine ecologist, commercial diving

Photos below are Nature Foundation Coral Reef Restoration November 2018 Tadzio Bervoets and Melanie Meijer checking corals grown for outplanting- each of these corals is vital to the future of the Caribbean Reefs in the region.

Plant A Million Coral Campaign

Planting a million corals begins with one! Meet Tadzio Bervoets Director of Nature Foundation SXM St. Maarten Island

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A unique group dedicated to advancing Reef Life Foundation's mission through professional and personal expertise, community connections, and philanthropic support. Divers, like the incredible team from Fly Fleet GSD, marine biologists, materials scientists, foundations and individuals whose heart is in the oceans!

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Reef Life Foundation supports coral science research globally as well as the divers planting corals. Every Purchase goes into the

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100% of the purchase or donation goes to support coral reef conservation Beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM, St. Maarten island in the Caribbean,         Stay Tuned for next Reef Site!

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“Drastic changes must be made if we are to secure not only the future of the ocean and its inhabitants, but also subsequent generations of mankind.  The time has come to bring change to the ocean and to openly and honestly exhibit truly sustainable living for the future. Within the context of The Decade of Ocean Science,  said Ian Kellet, Global Project Bio-Tech Advisor for Reef Life