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Braided bracelet with copper accents and two Blue Ocean Amazonite beads accents a Boho Chic Style! Looks amazing layered with the double wrap bracelet/choker collection! Sold separately, sets shown as example of additions.


AquaTerra Amazon Line - Boho Chic Rustic Elegance

meets Land and Sea in a beautiful dance. 

Any two items gets FREE shipping, and Every Purchase Planta A Coral!

Clients who have purchased this asked for the ankle bracelet to match.

Braided Bracelet/Anklet: 
Braided bracelet features jasper, amazonite and copper in simple beauty.
Can be worn alone or layered. 
Bracelet fits 7 - 8", (2 blue Ocean Jasper Beads)
Anklet fits 9 - 10" (3 Blue Ocean Jasper Beads)

Braided Blue Ocean Bracelet AquaTerra

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