Majestic hammered copper and amazonite blue ocean beaded earrings gracefully accent the versatile wrap necklace, broght to choker length, or mid body to accent different necklines! Beautifully presented for gifting, these will surely please anybody on your holiday list!

AquaTerra Amazon Line -Boho Chic Rustic Elegance meets Land and Sea in a beautiful dance. This necklace perfectly as a triple wrap blue ocean beaded bracelet! Knotted cotton cord accented with colorful copper accents and closure with blue ocean amazonite & jasper stone beads. Beautiful flat and rounded amazonite and jasper stones create this chic wrap necklace; artistically detailed with copper beads. Easy to raise or lower to accent necklines! Individual seashell charms sold separately to customize for you and your ocean and coral loving friends! 12.00 each, hand cast copper and bronze, each a miniature oceanic work of art! Blue Ocean Jewelry is handmade in USA with artisans interested in Saving Our Oceans!

SET AquaTerra Blue Ocean 2 Piece

    Buy a Bracelet & Plant a Coral

    Reef Life Foundation supports coral nurseries globally as well as the divers and researchers planting corals. Every Purchase goes into the Plant A Coral Campaign! 100% of the purchase or donation goes to support coral reef conservation Beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM, St. Maarten island in the Caribbean, Stay Tuned for next Reef Site!

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