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Who We Are

As a nonprofit, our mission and values guide all that we do; from how we treat each other, to who we collaborate with, to how we interact with the communities we serve.

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Our mission is to turn the tide against marine degradation and climate impact, fostering an appreciation for the inherent value of the ocean and nurturing healthier oceans for future generations. We believe the only way to achieve this is through a holistic approach.

Underwater Photographer in School of Fish


Scientific Innovation: Leveraging cutting-edge technology and research to create IntelliReefs—the most advanced artificial reef system designed for rapid coral growth and a flourishing marine life.

Environmental Stewardship: Upholding a deep-rooted commitment to safeguarding marine ecosystems and combating the adverse effects of climate change on marine ecosystems.

Community Engagement: Partnering with local communities, NGOs, and governments to integrate sustainable fishing and tourism practices that benefit both human livelihoods and marine biodiversity.

Transparency and Accountability: Striving for utmost clarity in our methods, outcomes, and collaboration, we make data-driven decisions that propel us closer to our mission.

Educational Outreach: Increasing ocean literacy and specifically spreading awareness about the importance of marine conservation and living in harmony with nature through educational programs, workshops, and advocacy.

Sustainability: Embedding sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations, from the materials used to the partnerships we forge.

Holistic Well-being: Recognizing that the health of our oceans is intricately connected to the health of our planet and, by extension, to the well-being of all its inhabitants.


Resilience: Displaying the tenacity to adapt and improve in the face of challenges, inspired by the resilient nature of the very ecosystems we aim to protect.


Inclusivity and Collaboration: Bringing together scientists, conservationists, policymakers, and community members for a common cause, ensuring that all voices are heard in the quest to save our reefs.


Ethical Conduct: Committed to high ethical standards in all interactions, from community engagement to scientific research, underlining our quest to do right by the planet and its people.

Underwater Photographer in School of Fish
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