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Cara Warren Foundation Projects Director

What does a Rocky Mountain land dweller have to do with the Coral Reef? Plenty!                         Meet Cara Warren

 Reef Life Foundation Projects Director

​ As partner in the family business for 25 years, Cara specialized in Steel Fabrication and on site Installation, Raising Livestock and Raising Children. The raising children part being the most deeply rewarding! While living at the base of the rugged Wasatch Range she watched 100 year old orchards and farmland disappearing under the guise of progress and development. She determined the best way to preserve the land she loved was through activism. Community Activism turned into Civic Involvement and Service in the following areas:

​-Chairwoman Open Space Preservation Action Committee 

-S.W. Community Development Master Plan Board Member

-B.E.County Trails Representative

-Board Member ( Ad Hoc ) Weber Pathways

-Western Bison Association - Community Outreach Children's Program Dir.

-Wetlands Invasive Plant Eradication and Water Conservation - Community Awareness, Education and Action Initiative.

​       ​"Through the years my involvement with each cause and organization has been motivated by my passion and desire to preserve and protect that which is precious for my children and future generations. As human beings there is much that can separate us. The desire to restore our beautiful planet, the promise to honor this gift we call life and the commitment to treat all people and all living things as precious is a vision and cause that can unite us all. 

​​         I am beyond thrilled to be working with Reef Life Foundation as we move forward experiencing new and wonderful adventures while Restoring the coral reef, Healing the Earth and Elevating one another." 

Come Join Us, Cara 

​Contact me at: 801.829.8571

Zoe Ward:  Marine Biologist & Impact Assessment

Zoë grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia where her love for the ocean and passion for conservation began. After traveling across the globe and studying in countries such as Brazil and Norway, Zoë graduated from Dalhousie University with a double major in Marine Biology and Sustainability. She also received a certification in Environmental Impact Assessment while living on the east coast of Canada. Her previous experience includes marine naturalist work and data collection for Wild Whales Vancouver and Gili Shark Conservation in Indonesia as well as cold water coral and sponge internships with the Ecology Action Center Halifax.


“I am ecstatic to be helping Reef Life Foundation with their ground breaking project in coral restoration and preservation. Throughout my education and work experiences, I have always been passionate about species conservation and focused much on my energy on this aspect of marine biology. I am fortunate and grateful to be advising on a project, that I believe, has the potential to make a significantly positive impact on devastated coral populations.”


Fun facts about me: I have a PADI Dive Master certification as well as my Captain's licence for small commercial vessels within Canada, so needless to say I love working on AND in the water!

Emily Higgins  Master of Science MSc Biology

Emily is a science communicator and environmental storyteller with an MSc in Biology. She is currently enrolled in the Environmental Visual Communication program at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario. Emily’s master’s research focused on sessile benthic invertebrate assemblages from coral reef communities in the Red Sea. She examined patterns of succession and colonization for different invertebrate taxonomic groups on a floating experimental reef, a seafloor artificial reef, and natural reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba, Israel. The main objective is to disentangle the mechanisms of change in coral reef communities in natural and artificial environments. During her MSc, Emily also conducted a systematized review of artificial reef goals and success in coral reef ecosystems globally.

This is directly applicable for the effective management and conservation of endangered reef fauna.


My personal website is under construction, however there are outlines of my studies and travels:

My Laboratory Website:

Robin McGahey Media Guru

Robin McGahey is our Media Guru. A San Francisco native and recent graduate from the University of Washington, she double majored in Cinema & Media and International Affairs with a minor in Spanish. Her previous work experience includes Program Management and Marketing at Rodan + Fields, Post Production & Editing at Victory Studios in Seattle, and Archival & Inventory Management in the Special Collections department at UW.

“I am excited to be working with such a great organization that uses innovative nanotechnology to help the current environment on the ocean floor. Coral Reefs are vital to our ecosystem, and I feel very lucky to be working alongside Melody and the whole Reef Life team to be a part of the change. ”

“A couple of fun facts about me: The SeaGrass bracelet with a turtle charm is my favorite, and I am terrible at surfing. If you know a good teacher, please let me know.”

Together let’s plant a million.

You can contact me at
Or at 415-867-1917.

Mariusz Szczepaniak  Environmental Engineer

Mariusz Szczepaniak, a writer, a world traveller, from the depths of the Red Sea to the heights of Himalayas.

Environmental Engineer with 25 years of experience on the biggest construction sites. A project director at the most modern European Philharmonic Orchestra building in Wroclaw, and the Wroclaw International Airport. 

Devoted husband and a father of 2 little girls.

Supporting the Foundation with his engineering knowledge and a work of his own hands with putting the reefs on their underwater sites. A certified diver.

John M Reyes Ocean Engineer MIT

Ocean Engineering Adviser 

​John Michael is a mechanical & ocean engineer from MIT.  He grew up in Austin, Texas with a passion for both nature and design, finding ocean engineering as an ideal method to combine these two loves.  He currently lives in Boston Massachusetts, where he is developing autonomous vehicles for environmental monitoring.  This and similar engineering projects have taken him to 10 countries over 4 continents, all of which allowed him to focus on designing engineering solutions to better protect the life – human and natural – that he found himself immersed in.  For the Reef Life team, he hopes to apply his technical knowledge to practical solutions that will have a lasting positive impact on coral reef ecosystems. ​

The IntelliReefs systems intrigue not only my oceanic interest from an engineering perspective,  but the artistic envelopment of the nano scale minerals, and their micro-biome improvements to the Blue Planet environment can produce a very high value to the region installed.

I believe that my strengths in mechanical design, marine structures, and experience in designing, building and testing in marine environments will contribute greatly to the project's success.  I'm excited to get involved in these projects due to their potential impact on ocean island ecosystems, as well as the opportunity it provides to work around the world with a variety of incredible people devoted to protecting and preserving our oceans.       I'm looking forward to our future endeavors.

​​Best,   John M. Reyes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Department of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering | Class of 2019

Amber VanHemel Environmental Engineer MIT

Amber grew up snorkeling and diving in South Florida, which spurred her love for the environment and sustainability. She recently graduated from MIT and is continuing on to get her MEng in Environmental Engineering. She has relished in opportunities to expand her engineering perspective by traveling to places like Nepal, Australia, and Spain to implement projects, conduct research, and teach. Her project portfolio is diverse: covering topics from air pollution to groundwater contamination to coral restoration. While every project is different in nature, each combines her love for the environment and people.


"I'm beyond thrilled to work with Reef Life and contribute to projects that can scale up to have large impacts on the future reef ecosystems. The natural beauty of our planet is something worth preserving and enriching!"

Miguel Solari Environmental Ambassador for Reef Life

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