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Our Podcast 

Sharing Ocean Stories to Inspire Ocean Stewards

coral kelp & community

This podcast is part of our effort to foster the UN Ocean Decade goal of increasing ocean literacy. As part of our Education Program, the podcast's goal is to reach as many people as possible to raise awareness about the variety of ocean issues--and meaningful work--happening all over the world. This podcast is meant to be a platform for those working on ocean issues to share their stories, causes, and campaigns.


Each episode ends with a call to action for listeners to get involved with positive change. Every quarter, the podcast will have a featured awareness campaign on social media. Follow us to get involved!

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Choose your Way
To listen:

We launched on International Whale Shark Day, 30 August 2023 with these three amazing stories:

Launch IG story Episode 1 rachel
Episode 2 Pushing Science_Liz Tarquin
Episode 3 Saving SRO

Want to Share Your Ocean Story?

Get in touch so that your story can be heard. All fields of ocean work welcome: activism, policy, scientists, communities, ocean farmers, lawyers, underwater photographers, surfers...

Thanks for sharing!

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