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How We Work With IntelliReefs

Uniting Human Activity with Habitat in a Nonprofit-LLC Collaboration


IntelliReefs is the sister company to the Reef Life Foundation. Together, we unite human activity with habitat through the Buy One, Give One business model. IntelliReefs sells Oceanite to marine construction and development projects, thus giving those projects a nature-positive impact where they would normally be destructive. With each sale of Oceanite, IntelliReefs is able to donate funds to the Reef Life Foundation where Oceanite is distributed to communities who need it most. 

Our models indicate Oceanite is stronger and more durable than traditional cement, making it the ideal marine construction material not only to meet environmental regulatory requirements, but also to save costs over the life of the structure on maintenance and repairs. 

Oceanite can be cast into any shape or wrapped around existing structures as a nature-positive strengthening measure for older projects. But it's our dive attraction designs that really show off the ability to cast in any shape.

IntelliReefs Tortuga  ART Reef Coral Lab
Turtle Village Scuba Diver
Grandfather Tortuga Coral Lab
IntelliReefs Tortuga Research
Microfragmentation domes in reef
Baby Turtle Coral Farm
IntelliReefs habitat used to increase fish population


IntelliReefs are ecosystem-inspired marine structures made with Oceanite; the ideal resortation substrate formulated from twenty years of nano-materials expertise guided by leading coral laboratories.

The textured and porous structure of Oceanite, combined with unique designs, include small pockets where coral larvae can attach, be protected and grow. Our substrates are engineered for centuries of durability.

Fostering Growth

IntelliReefs provide a place for coral outplating and attract wild coral spawn. This fosters the growth and development of coral while immediately providing habitat for other critical reef species that otherwise would have to wait decades, if not a hundred years for the coral to grow back.

Coral outplating on IntelliReef

Thriving reef systems demand a diverse set of habitat requirements, and the physical properties of regular cement substrates cannot accommodate these marine organism needs. 

Oceanite is unlike traditional artificial reef substrates, which often have high pH levels that harm animal tissue and need years of harmful off-gassing before settlement can occur. Traditional artificial reefs are smooth, making it challenging for life to attach once the reef is finally usable. Oceanite solves the shortcomings of traditional artificial reefs, allowing us to provide immediate habitat for coral, sponges, crustaceans, and fish.

It is composed of proprietary marine mineral matrices that include high-grade limestone, aragonite, and diverse pozzolanic (calcium binding) components at nano-scale.


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