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Saving Coral Reefs with Science

The result of breakthroughs in science and nanotechnology, these engineered reef structures mimic established coral to build

an oceanic infrastructure that improves resistance to

climate stressors and diseases.



The World Wildlife Fund estimates that a quarter of the world's reefs are damaged beyond repair and that another 70% are under serious threat. 


Introduce IntelliReefs into dying or at-risk reefs as a means of increasing fish aggregation, coral spawn settlement and species biodiversity; fostering the exponential growth and restoration of coral reef systems.


Thriving reef systems demand a diverse set of habitat requirements, and the physical properties of regular cement substrates cannot accommodate these marine organism needs. Oceanite is a complex matrix of minerals, developed specifically for diverse coral growth, reef restoration, and immediate integration with local eco-systems. It is composed of proprietary marine mineral matrices that include high-grade limestone, aragonite, and diverse pozzolanic (calcium binding) components at nano-scale.

IntelliReef used to save coral reefs
IntelliReefs habitat used to increase fish population


IntelliReefs are bio-inspired marine structures made with Oceanite. They are formulated from twenty years of nano-materials expertise guided by leading coral laboratories.

IntelliReefs units assemble and grow intuitively, enabling year-to-year, block-by-block coral species expansion. Each can be outfitted with a specific, novel growth formulation.

Exposed aggregates on IntelliReefs include small pockets where biodiverse coral larvae can attach, be protected and grow.      Our substrates are engineered for centuries of durability.


IntelliReefs foster the growth and development of Reeflings, coral offspring who are better able to survive extreme weather, changes in water chemistry, improve fish aggregation and species biodiversity.

Coral outplating on IntelliReef

How can Intellireefs help?

Wave Break

Real Estate Protection

IntelliReefs protect coastlines against higher storm surge intensity. Healthy reefs reduce 97% of wave energy!

Environmental Defenses

IntelliReefs double as a safe boat mooring system to

keep anchors off corals


IntelliReefs mooring stations can generate min. $50-$150 per boat, and double as oyster, fish and coral habitats!

eco tourism

Eco Tourism

Scuba divers can plant Reeflings and assess IntelliReefs coral growth and reef restoration. Mexico states the tourism sector ranks fifth in their entire economy!


Fish & Other Marine Foods

Billions of people need to eat fish daily, keeping reefs healthy provides necessary protein meals


SeaLegacy will synthesize high impact visual media for promotion of pilot deployments and tell the story of coral regeneration worldwide

"The most exciting part is to know that we can now design the state of the ART and coral research: artificial reef wave break:

combining science & coral restoration into a living breakwater"

IntelliReefs Tortuga  ART Reef Coral Lab
Turtle Village Scuba Diver
Grandfather Tortuga Coral Lab
IntelliReefs Tortuga Research
Microfragmentation domes in reef
Baby Turtle Coral Farm

How to get involved

  • Plant coral on IntelliReefs "Substrates for Super Corals"

  • Design and deploy IntelliReefs globally where reefs are degraded or dying, or where new reefs are needed

  • Design and build underwater art dive parks that regenerate coral habitat and stimulate local economies & education

  • Contact the Reef Life Foundation team for consultation on ocean-friendly maritime development and planning

  • Provide Funding for future "Reef Planning and Design Manual" that our Coral Research and Marine Biology teams are creating.

  • Link to the Science Behind Oceanite

  • Link to Science Team

Reef Life Foundation

Reef Life Restoration a company with proprietary, patent-pending IP and manufacturing processes developed over 16 years, has pioneered the research and development of IntelliReefs – intuitive coral regenerative substrates with bio-inspired architecture, advanced science saving corals.

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