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We're using nanoscience to build homes for the ocean's homeless! 

Reef Life developed an unprecedented coral reef restoration system called IntelliReefs that fosters new coral growth, increases fish abundance & provides homes for critical ocean creatures. Scientists found after only 14 months, IntelliReefs grew more biodiverse marine life than nearby natural reefs.


Our team will plant your coral reef garden, which saves reefs and provides food, jobs and resources for island communities and businesses that rely on healthy oceans.


The Challenge

Large scale coral reef destruction not only harms marine life, but severely destroys local business and island communities that rely on healthy oceans to survive. Coral reefs around the world are dying at an alarming rate and it will take 100's of years for these reefs to naturally re-grow without our help. It is critical that we act now.


The Solution

Within months, IntelliReefs coral gardens provide critical homes for ocean's homeless, supporting increased fish aggregation and natural coral settlement. They also generate critical revenue and jobs for island and coastal communities, while protecting and enhancing the local marine habitat. Because IntelliReefs can be scaled up to any size and shape, eco-tourist businesses recognize it's potential to cultivate economic AND biological growth.

Join the Reef Life team in building homes for the ocean's homeless

Our mission is to revitalize, restore, and protect threatened ecosystems through holistic, scientific solutions. We are currently working towards building over a million square feet of reef by 2025, restoring dying coral reefs back to diverse and sustainable ecosystems while empowering and strengthening the communities that rely on them.


Your donation goes to supporting coral reef restoration by deploying IntelliReefs to communities that rely on thriving ocean ecosystems for food, economic security, and coastal protection. We have multiple sites for 2020, beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM, St. Maarten island in the Caribbean.

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Reef Life Foundation has been vetted by the world's leading fundraising entities.

Our team's leadership, scientists, and volunteers join reef fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins, and other sea creatures in thanking you for your efforts to Save Our Oceans!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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