You CAN Save Coral Reefs!

With your donations, we place Reef Habitats to grow healthier corals, planting more corals & saving reefs to give protection and shelter for many species of fish and sea life.

Every cent goes towards planting corals, coral research for "Super Corals" ability to withstand climate change and for advanced materials in the substrates for coral micro-fragmentation methods.

Thank you for your Donation

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Reef Life Donations Create Coral Reefs

100% of your money goes to upgrade coral reef systems globally. You can give knowing that every cent goes towards planting corals grown in nurseries into reefs, creating latest tech coral microfragmentation substrates

for coral laboratories and supporting coral researchers in their quest to solve coral diseases.

"SeaLegacy is proud to support Reef Life Foundation and Intellireefs. Diving around the world, we have seen how Coral Ecosystems need our help. We believe in the promise of combining coral regeneration expertise with advanced material science and are thrilled to be partnering on this venture. It brings together so many wins; from positive economics loops to habitat creation to promoting inter-disciplinary science and sustainable business opportunities. This project brings us hope and provides a powerful focus on creating scalable Coral Regeneration models" "This is exactly the type of collaborative solution effort that will help us maintain ocean life support systems:

The key to human survival”
Ian Kellett    SeaLegacy   Solutions Lead

Reef Life Foundation supports coral science research globally as well as the divers planting corals. Every Purchase goes into the

Create Homes for Corals Campaign

100% of the purchase or donation goes to support coral reef conservation beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM in Sint Maarten

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