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Coral _Reeflings_ on IntelliReefs Jan 20
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Ian Kellet

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Ian Kellett, an expedition designer and media specialist with a focus on remote coastal communities and environments. With 17 years of field experience shooting, producing and directing media projects for clients such as National Geographic, BBC and Discovery I have developed expertise in problem solving in foreign systems. I have relationships with environmental non-profits Marviva, The Dalio Ocean Initiative, Conservation International, C.A.R.E. and Artcorps. I am inspired by the power of storytelling.  Diving and filming Tiger Sharks, following biologists as they track Jaguars, interviewing Sudanese Refugees and exploring all seven oceans are highlight experiences that have taught and humbled me. My current explorations integrate inner science work of meditation and self awareness as a vehicle for deep connection to nature.

Currently I serve as the director of Special Projects for Alucia, "My calling is to be of service to a healthy ocean human relationship. I am so pleased to be on board with Reef Life as their science is unsurpassed within the oceanic community."


George Cummings: Director

WFCRC                  Mission Blue

Ocean Ambassador for United Nations SDG14

UN SDG14 Ocean Ambassador, Passion to make a small difference for the sustainable use of our worlds marine ecosystem. Provide visual expertise to assist groups of marine scientists with their quest to explore and discover better marine system practices. Utilize my 30+ years of underwater documentation experience shooting photos and videos to enhance the story of these scientific expeditions. Work with the leading science teams, like Reef Life Restoration, who are revitalizing the most vital key marine ecosystems of our planet. My dream vision is to inspire youth to seek scientific studies as a career. Scientific education can open the exploration mind to engage our environment with passion to act.

"People protect what they LOVE" Jacques Cousteau

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IntelliReefs Deployment Teams Dave Vaugh

Melody Saunders Brenna:Director

Nano Science Saving Coral Reefs: 

Nano materials science development as a team since 2010 and have  research underway for trademarked and proprietary Nano Reef Habitats.Hence the Creation of REEF LIFE Foundation a non-profit whose focus is restructuring marine food chains from macro-biotic particles to aquaculture substrates for increased production of oysters, clams and vital fish species to medical compounds, seaweeds and marine flora and fauna.
Reef Repair & Regeneration Projects using compatible reef biology as well as constructing barrier reefs, "Reef Forest Farms" underwater sculpture gardens, and architectural masterpieces for reef diving. The architecture of Ancient Atlantis is very exciting to us as a recreation project. Our field of research, reef science on nano levels, combined with long standing construction and stone casting expertise is perfectly suited to reef rebuilding on numerous levels.
Our casting experience and creativity lends itself to casting reef sculptures, reef defense security walls, reef mooring stations for boats and complete reef science eco systems. Because this is a first in the marine research world, will be a global draw for Marine Biologists, divers, and countries seeking reef repair solutions, and reef species habitats for oysters and clams, and fish growth and migration within our reef structures. Aquaculture substrates promote healthy growth cycles.

Melody Brenna
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