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World Oceans Day Art Fundraiser 2023

Mother & Calf, 48'x60'

acrylic on canvas

t. a. pierce

We have the perfect event for ocean enthusiasts and art aficionados everywhere! The Reef Life Foundation is diving headfirst into a unique fundraising effort that combines the gorgeous world of art with our mission to save and protect our beloved reefs. It's time to grab your virtual paddle and join us in this exhilarating online art auction extravaganza! Check out the World Oceans Day Art Fundraiser and see for yourself.

Our Program Director, Tara Pierce, had the idea to team up with her first art instructor, her talented mother, to pour their heart and soul into creating masterpieces that will leave you breathless. With each brushstroke they've poured their love for the ocean onto the canvas, reminding us of the breathtaking beauty that lies beneath the surface. Their vibrant paintings will bring a bit of underwater paradise into your home or office.

Tara and her mother Dagmar have always shared a passion for art and the environment. Dagmar was born and raised in the forests of Bavaria, Germany, where she went to art school. Her work is influenced by ancient techniques and the beautiful textiles and colors she saw firsthand traveling the Mediterranean Sea. Upon moving to California, Dagmar fell in love with the Pacific Ocean as well. When she was pregnant with Tara, she took long walks on the beach every day, and it felt like pods of dolphins followed her. Within 24hrs of her birth, Tara was at the beach. Growing up on the West Coast, the ocean was a constant in Tara’s life and her first love. You can read more about Tara on her employee profile. It made perfect sense for Tara and Dagmar to share their love of the ocean and their artwork in a way that supports the ongoing efforts of the Reef Life Foundation.

Golden Sea Snail, 45.5'x40'

acrylic on wood, real sea shell center

Dagmar Gewiese

By acquiring one of these awe-inspiring pieces, you're not just adding a conversation starter to your living room – you're making a difference. Every purchase you make is considered a donation, and therefore it's tax-deductible. Not only will you be the proud owner of an artwork that will make your friends go "ooh" and "ahh," but you'll also be directly supporting the Reef Life Foundation in our heroic efforts to protect and restore coral reefs.

Starting on May 26, you'll have the chance to browse, bid, and snag your favorite artwork, all while giving Mother Nature a big ol' high-five. Remember, this is your chance to make waves, both in the art world and in our mission to protect our precious coral reefs. Mark your calendars, because the bidding ends on World Oceans Day! (Thursday, June 8)

Spotted Eagle Rays, 40'x30'

acrylic on canvas

t. a. pierce

And please help us spread the word! Together, we can make a tidal wave of support for the Reef Life Foundation and these amazing artists who have turned their passion into masterpieces.

Put on your virtual snorkel, dive into the world of art, and show the ocean some love. We can't wait to see you at the auction!

Stay salty,

The Reef Life Foundation Team

Blue Polyp Coral, 44'x44'

acrylic on canvas

Dagmar Gewiese

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