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Reef Life Foundation's Best Seller!!!  The charms are hand cast in bronze and copper by Carol Avery Custom Jewels. Serious Artistry in every piece, each cast element unique, a work of art in it's own right!!! This one has been purchased by customers buying our Aqua Terra Amazon Line as well as Carol's custom coral reef necklace and seashell twist bracelet.

Customer Favorite from Faded Jeans to Little Black Dress!!

Remember, Buy A Bracelet, Plant A Coral!

Free shipping when you buy any two items!

See Link Below for Artist Statement and ART Casting Insight!

Copper/Bronze ART Bracelet Hand Crafted

  • Each piece of Ocean Jewelry in the Reef Life Foundation "Plant A Million Coral" Line is hand crafted by artisans in the USA! Every piece brings funding to Coral Nurseries globally, and will pay for divers to plant a coral!

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