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Restoring Nature Restores Humanity because we are one.
Our mission is to turn the tide against marine degradation and climate impacts, fostering an appreciation for the inherent value of the ocean and nurturing healthier oceans for future generations.


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Coral reefs account for less than 1% of the worlds’ marine habitat while supporting more than 25% of all life in the ocean.
They are one of the most important biodiversity hotspots
on Earth.
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The Reef Life Foundation addresses habitat loss through the direct deployment of the ideal coral substrate and community engagement, restoring the critical balance between people and nature within one generation. Our approach provides substrate at scale, increasing the speed of coral outplanting and wild coral growth. Hiring local staff, we deploy Oceanite, a new kind of artificial reef that is engineered to mimic the chemistry, mineral composition, and texture of a natural reef for optimal growth of healthy reef species.


Increasin coral reef biodiversity

Healthy coral reef ecosystems are like bustling cities, with buildings made of coral and thousands of marine inhabitants coming and going, interacting with one another, carrying out their business. In this sense, coral reefs are the sea’s metropolises. Coral reefs provide shelter for nearly one-quarter of all known marine species. And over the last 240 million years, reefs have evolved into one of the largest and most complex ecosystems on the planet. They are home to more than 4,000 species of fish, 700 species of coral, and thousands of other species of plants and animals. Scientists estimate that, in total, more than one million species of plants and animals are associated with the coral reef ecosystem. With the demise of so many coral reefs, the diversity is waning and needs to be reestablished in many areas.


The Challenge

Large scale coral reef destruction not only harms marine life, but severely destroys local business and island communities that rely on healthy oceans to survive. Coral reefs around the world are dying at an alarming rate and it will take 100's of years for these reefs to naturally re-grow without our help. It is critical that we act now.

How Do Our Reefs Help?

Real Estate Protection

IntelliReefs protect coastlines against higher storm surge intensity. Healthy reefs reduce 97% of wave energy!

Environmental Defenses

IntelliReefs double as a safe boat mooring system to

keep anchors off corals


IntelliReefs mooring stations can generate min. $50-$150 per boat, and double as oyster, fish and coral habitats!

Eco Tourism

Scuba divers can plant Reeflings and assess IntelliReefs coral growth and reef restoration. Mexico states the tourism sector ranks fifth in their entire economy!

Fish & Other Marine Foods

Billions of people need to eat fish daily, keeping reefs healthy provides necessary protein meals


SeaLegacy will synthesize high impact visual media for promotion of pilot deployments and tell the story of coral regeneration worldwide

Want to Collaborate?

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