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Scuba Divers to Physics Profs Wear Reef Life Blue Ocean Jewelry

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

How to capture the essence of diverse humans who LOVE to wear

Reef Life Foundation's "Buy A Bracelet Plant A Coral" jewelry line, ---

First it takes a World Class photographer--
Introducing Ian Casey---

Magnificent Photography by Ian Casey, an "Ocean Believer" who astounded all of us with his professional skillset with a camera!

Artist Relationship: I am in Love with life and the inevitable journey through its truths. That tends to inspire creative expression I try to honor the best I can through whatever action or medium feels most appropriate without fear of the possible projections the external world holds. I am in gratitude to all of it.



       -Ian Coolest Photographer

Every Purchase Plants A Coral!
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HI amazing STORY!!

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