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Wear an actual Coral Settlement over your heart! This necklace pendant is a hand-cast impression of a real coral settlement that occurred on our IntelliReefs Oceanite habitats in the Caribbean. Support our ocean-saving mission: ALL proceeds go to Building Homes for the Ocean's Homeless!

CORAL SETTLEMENT IN CAST COPPER made by a local artisan~The perfect gift for an ocean-lover~ 

Magnificent Pink Opals join healing Rhodonite and tiny Pink Tourmaline beads in our custom artisan Valentine Jewelry.

Necklace also features hand cast pure pronze and copper seashell charms with bronze wrap centerpiece, a work of art, small quantities custom created for Reef Life Foundation.


Hope • Love • Emotional Healing  

Pink Opals are powerful crystals for emotional healing, emotional balance and for healing matters of the heart. If you are healing from a break up, or the loss of a loved one, holding and meditating with pink opal over your heart chakra will help to bring resolution to painful memories, filling your aura with peaceful energies.

Rhodonite helps you understand your gifts, and supports you to use them in the world. This stone is about feeling loved by offering your love through contributing to your community according to your life’s purpose. It can also help you decipher inner visions related to your destiny and purpose.

Tourmaline carries the frequency of natural joy and beauty. Watermelon tourmaline combines pink and green tourmaline, bringing the energies of both and creating an ideal stone for working with the heart.


Coral Settlement on IntelliReefs:

Our scientists found that the IntelliReef structures had nearly 100% coverage of biological organisms after just 14 months (Image 2). From these initial surveys and the ongoing analysis being performed, we have documented the settlement of species that facilitate the growth of a healthy, diverse, and resilient benthic coral reef community, including crustose coralline algae (CCA), macroalgae, scleractinian (reef-forming) corals, and sea sponges (Image 3). Our data also shows the important role IntelliReefs play in fostering the marine biodiversity needed in the blue carbon uptake cycle. The Reef Life Foundation’s team of scientists has documented these important findings in a scientific publication that can be found on our website or made available upon request.

Our next phase of research includes measuring coral recruitment and survival on our Oceanite mixtures using standardized, replicated settlement tiles across sites.

Read on below to learn more about coral spawning and settlement. 


Artist Statement, Carol Avery

Blue Ocean Jewelry is handmade in USA with artisans interested in Saving Our Oceans

Ocean Love Necklace Coral Bronze Heart

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