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Save Coral Reef Giveaway Mail-In Information

Entry Mail-In Steps

To be entered to win Reef Life Foundation's "Save Coral Reefs Giveaway" through Mail-In entrance, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Print off the Mail-In Entry Form. Access the form by clicking the following button:

Step 2: Read the Giveaway Terms and Conditions included in the Mail-In form. After reading the Terms and Conditions, initial each page at the bottom of the page to signify that you accept, and sign and date the last page on the signature line.

Step 3: Mail the Mail-In Entry Form and the signed Terms and Conditions pages on or before June 26, 2020, to be entered to win the Giveaway. Any Mail-In Entries postmarked after June 26, 2020, will not be considered. 

*There is no limit to how many times an individual can enter to win, but must mail-in a new application for each entry. To view terms and conditions online, please visit: Terms and Conditions

coral outplanting

Reef Life Foundation supports coral science research globally as well as the divers planting corals. Every Purchase goes into the

Create Homes for Corals Campaign

100% of the purchase or donation goes to support coral reef conservation Beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM, St. Maarten island in the Caribbean,         Stay Tuned for next Reef Site!

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“Drastic changes must be made if we are to secure not only the future of the ocean and its inhabitants, but also subsequent generations of mankind.  The time has come to bring change to the ocean and to openly and honestly exhibit truly sustainable living for the future. Within the context of The Decade of Ocean Science,  said Ian Kellet, Global Project Bio-Tech Advisor for Reef Life