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Ocean Academy

An immersive, digital underwater learning experience for kids

We are currently raising funds for the development and production of an animated coral reef educational TV series and accompanying curriculum for kids from 6-10 years old. The overarching goals of this kids series and accompanying curriculum are to explore why coral reef ecosystems are worth saving biologically and culturally and to inspire an upcoming generation of coral reef guardians.

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We are partnered with the internationally acclaimed animation company Studio Pigeon for the development and production of the animated series. We plan to broadcast our Ocean Academy Kids Series on EarthX TV and launch our accompanying educational curriculum on their EarthXEducation online platform.

This animated kids series will consist of 10 episodes. It will be an exploration of coral reef biology, significance, and what we can do to create real change for the environment. We believe that animated materials can create emotional connections to environments that other visual media cannot. Each episode will be accompanied by a short graphic novel and companion curriculum for grades 3-9 that teachers can use in the classroom and children can take home for ongoing learning.

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The Reef Life Ocean Academy Team consists of educators, curriculum developers, creative producers, and science consultants from around the world who are dedicated to making immersive, educational, and accessible learning resources for children around the world. Reef Life is partnering with Studio Pigeon, based in Poland, for pre-production, development, and production of the animated series.



The design of the curriculum will focus on the development of inquiry skills and fostering confidence in approaching global issues with hope and creativity. Reef Life’s Ocean Academy will be produced and distributed entirely using digital communications tools andplatforms to ensure COVID-safe protocols are followed. The goals of this series and curriculum is to make coral reef education accessible to classrooms around the world, specifically aiming to provide engaging, visual educational materials to developing nations. One of our priorities moving forward with dissemination of this series is to provide these materials to organizations that foster the ongoing education of women and girls (SDG5).

Our curriculum design for the kids series will use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to increase accessibility to all learners. UDL is an educational framework that is highly regarded as the most accessible and representative learning philosophy globally. It is deeply based on research in the learning sciences and fosters the development of flexible learning environments to accommodate individual learning differences and backgrounds. The kids series and accompanying learning resources will support the necessary development of life skills, such as critical thinking, global citizenship, collaboration and leadership, and problem solving.




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