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Serenity Candle Supports Coral Reefs

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

4ourclimate is a social enterprise whose mission is to reduce your carbon and plastic footprint 100 pounds at a time. Every product purchased captures 100 pounds of CO2 from our atmosphere. We empower everyone to become climate-positive (climate+) while offering zero-waste lifestyle products for everyone to enjoy.

Our latest "Serenity Now" Coral Reef Candles bring joy to your atmosphere, while saving a precious commodity on the planet-- Coral Reefs!

Every month, 4ourclimate creates awareness on climate change impacts on our ecosystems by launching a specific scented soy candle revolving around that theme.

On World Ocean’s Day in June 2020, 4ourclimate will be launching the Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary scented soy candle supporting coral reefs restoration project in St. Maarten’s through partnership with Reef Life Foundation in addition to capturing 100 pounds of CO2 from our atmosphere.
10% of all our profits for the month of June and 10% of the proceeds from every coral reef candle will be donated to Reef Life Foundation, a not-for-profit, revitalizing, restoring, and protecting coral reefs coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Why coral reefs?

Corals support over 500 million people worldwide directly and harbor the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem globally.

Coral reefs, referred to as the “tropical rainforests of the ocean”, are estimated to provide benefits worth approximately US$ 30 billion in goods and services on an annual basis, including income from and resources for tourism, fishing, building materials and coastal protection. Although reefs cover only 0.2 per cent of the world’s ocean, they contain about 25 per cent of marine species and are renowned for their biological diversity and high productivity.

Coral reefs are marine systems with one of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet and they provide an array of valuable goods and services. They protect shores and islands from the impacts of storm waves and surges. They provide habitat for reef fish and invertebrates, sustaining the livelihood of millions of people in developing countries, and generate revenues for coastal communities from both tourism and commercially valuable fisheries. Accounting for these and a myriad of other services, the value of coral reefs to humankind has been estimated, on average, as US$ 130 000 per hectare per year.

Due to unprecedented global warming, coral reefs are now one of the most threatened ecosystems on earth. Sea level rise, frequency, and intensity of tropical storms, altered ocean circulation patterns, and increase in temperatures cause mass bleaching of our coral reefs and impact their very existence.

How does 4ourclimate capture 100 pounds of CO₂?

In addition to our monthly cause for candles, every 4ourclimate product purchased funds the capture of 100 pounds of CO₂ from our atmosphere. A portion of our proceeds are donated to not-for-profit organizations such as Carbon Fund and Forest Planet to verified carbon offset projects in both developing and developed nations.

The @GlobalGiving Foundation has chosen @reeflifefoundation to become a part of their accelerator program for 2020! Launching World Oceans Day, June 8th! GlobalGiving connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. We help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective.

4ourclimate will be assisting Reef Life by asking their network to build coral reef habitats and donate June 8th-June 26th, 2020 Stay tuned for more information about how to help save our oceans, our climate AND coral reefs! Namaste and Gratitude

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Lilly Lane
Lilly Lane
júl. 03.

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