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Dear Friends,

As we dive into the new year, 2022 has already shown promise in being another noteworthy year of saving the world's oceans. Be it donating financial support, lending your expertise, or simply sharing the word about the state of our oceans, our combined efforts have created waves across the globe.

We look forward to sharing our many updates on current and new projects with you in the coming months and are grateful for your continued support.

Wishing You and Yours a happy and healthy new year,

The Reef Life Team

1,841 Miles Across the Atlantic


After months of preparation, we travelled 1,841 miles from Sint Maarten to Nova Scotia, Canada to launch our first ever temperate water project. IntelliReefs successfully deployed 16 ReefShip Modules on site as a pilot project. The aim of this artificial reef deployment is to assess the suitability of Oceanite as habitat for kelp, other sessile organisms (things that attach to the Oceanite), and motile fish and invertebrates (fish and other animals that can be found moving around in the vicinity of the reefs).

What's Happening to Kelp Forests?

Around the world, massive kelp beds are rapidly declining due to coastal development and erosion, warming waters, invasive species, poor water quality, pollution, and overfishing.

How Can You Get Involved?


Join us in saving the world's oceans by donating to one of our projects below! With every $25 donation, we will plant a kelp or coral garden in your name.

Restoring Kelp Forests

Kelp forests around the globe are declining rapidly. We're working with IntelliReefs to deploy kelp seed gardens to replenish degrading kelp forests in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Rebuilding Coral Reefs

There are currently miles of dying coral reefs surrounding Sint Maarten. IntelliReef coral gardens have been proven to provide critical homes for biodiverse marine plants and animals, supporting increased fish aggregation and natural coral settlement.

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