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"Exploring the Intersection of Art & Ocean Conservation in NYC"

Updated: Apr 21

"How Creativity Drives Environmental Awareness" By Stirling Brenna

The Beginning of the End

Stirling Brenna: Artist Statement. 

"The abstract nature of painting has taken a wild and tumultuous jog since the likes of Pollock and Rothko.  They would never have thought the ideas they drilled for in the human imagination exploded to consume and shape our very perception of reality. We don't know what to believe. I like to think my work will be a drop of water in that pool of oil.  

My work begins finding patterns and textures in nature. Letting myself be inspired by the story they create and pouring it into a piece. 

  • -creating and finding a character to relate to.

  • -expanding the environment we find ourselves in, and articulate a truth rooted in primal instincts.

  • -the interpretation of color, tonal structure, consistency, space pattern and rhythm. 

  • -and guiding the audience through the work while letting the day to day influence the hand. 

I find images and take photographs of the world that intrigue me and constantly ask why? The search for the answer comes as the work takes shape.

The canvas is my research laboratory my answers, though less mathematical,

are tangible and relatable. "

Art to Save the Planet Meet The Artists @ 33 Maiden Lane

April 22 ART WALK to Fulton Center 2.00 PM #EarthDay

Event 6:30-10pm (corner Maiden Lane and Nassau) #nyc #art

I am committed to storytelling and doing so with gusto. My background in theater and film obliges me to this. "Light is the Protagonist of Life" Stefano Poda, Prague Quadrennial 2019.

This is the story that propels my hand: Defined, Drinkable, and Dramatic. 


Creating a piece that encompasses Tides of Change is a great undertaking and worth every bit of detail and preparation. For the upcoming art exhibit I am involved with I have taken inspiration from the beauty and depth our ocean spurs in our imagination. I am terrified of the darkness of our oceans. What lurks and what doesn't. What shapes are created and we will never see? Our entire existence could end in a second and the oceans could be as unbothered as a kitten taking its first nap in the sun. I see the deep blue, a seemingly endless void of pressure and life. The piece I am painting will try and get across some of these ideas. 

I chose the most concentrated and pigmented paints I can get my hands on. This piece needs layers and layers of depth in washes and glazes in order to correctly portray my meaning. These paints are known as Super Sat by Rosco. They are dilutable paints from 1:1 to 1:15. This is an incredible margin.

I am in need of a few brushes in order to capture the fine detail needed. For this I have picked out a few brushes from by Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting, Inc. This is the premier brand for faux brushes in New York. These brushes are mainly used in the faux finish business but as that is my background I feel they will be a natural fit into this oceanic scape. 

From Casting a Reef To Painting a Reef: Stirling Brenna

"My family has been in the Coral Reef Restorations Science for the past 15 years, we created #Oceanite, a Mineral Reef and Kelp Habitat, which I was the Casting Director for the Reef Ship Modules sent to Halifax, Canada

Collaboration in the Tides of Change Waves of Hope:

Contact Stirling Brenna:

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