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Reef Life Foundation & Cyan Planet are Producing the World's First Coral Video Game

“We were freediving in Brazil at one of the local shipwrecks when we spotted a turtle. It looked like it was hiding under a part of the wreck, but when we got closer and closer, we realized that it was not hiding, but stuck and couldn’t move. We gently pushed it out, and it immediately swam up to the water’s surface to breathe. That moment was very brief, but it shifted the way we saw the world, showing us that our actions can have consequences of life and death.”

After this experience, Michal Lovecky and Ninja Mueller wanted to give more to the ocean, evoke empathy for its life and share similar transcendental experiences as they lived through with the turtle, and they founded Cyan Planet.

Michal is a creative director & VR technologist, who delivered over 60 immersive media projects, and Ninja is marine biologist and environmental scientist. With this combination of immersive media production and marine science and conservation, Cyan Planet’s mission was clear: to evoke empathy for the ocean through deep emotional experiences, using the power of virtual reality and immersive media to inspire, educate about the science of marine ecosystems, and to create a global community that acts for marine conservation.

In Cyan Planet’s flagship project “How is the Water”, you have the amazing opportunity to become a dolphin and experience the beauty and perils of the underwater world from the perspective of a local. It is the leading virtual reality experience combining innovative immersive entertainment and real-world conservation impacts. Join the movement here and give everybody the opportunity to understand the importance of the ocean.

Cyan Planet is teaming up with Reef Life to create the world's first Coral City building video game! Together, we are developing a web-based game and app that will allow patrons to build an ocean oasis for coral reef species. Funds generated from the game will deploy a REAL LIFE model of the city out of IntelliReefs nanotechnology to house the ocean’s homeless. Donate to video game production here.

"We are thrilled to work together with Reef Life to create innovative ways to engage people in ocean restoration," says Michal Lovecky, CEO & Creative Director of Cyan Planet. "Everybody should have a safe place to call home, including life in the ocean!"

**Title photo by Tracey Jennings | The Ocean Agency.

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